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Kraftbiochain Autenticacao imendiata Agr

Years to get authentication for your product today?



authentication is immediate!


Custom QR Code for client forwarding to our site

Geolocation of products

Information updated in real time


In existing certification systems, producers must demonstrate that they are in compliance with organic management for certification.


On the KBC platform, the authenticity of guarantee from organic products is safe, efficient and transparent, exclusively by consensus.


It consists of easy access to the verification of the value and veracity of the essential information on organic management, inserted integrally online, to ensure the transparency that these products are actually produced within organic agriculture compliance standards.

The guarantee of authenticity so important in organic products cannot be easily observed at the time of purchase and the development of the market for organic products depends fundamentally on the confidence of consumers in their authenticity.

We eliminate the distance between producers and consumers who expect to obtain a product of guaranteed organic origin and wish to be protected against false organic products.


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KBC authenticated product

Blockchain is the technology for businesses that need agility in the market changes!

It is a distributed ledger technology, shared and has the function of creating a global index for all
transactions that occur in a given market.

Agribusiness calls for digital transformation and KraftBioChain is the missing technology!

Space on our site of your products and services

Geolocation of products
through QR Code


Fast issuance of the guarantee of authenticity

Safety standard with international standards

Guarantee of authenticity through the consensus ecosystem

Aggregation of new technology to natural products

High level of safety on the KraftBioChain platform

Decentralisation of information with DLT technology

Greater confidence and transparency in all platform data

Digital wallet for KBC utility Tokens

Updated real-time information every 18 seconds

Custom QR Code for reading data in your product

Geolocation of products through QR Code

Information space for your products on the KraftBioChain website

> Transparency and security in information

> Public and private information management platform


>  Sales-CRM

 Trade Insights and Immediate feedbacks

 Online consumers identify your product easier

>  We turn your online traffic into sales

>  Dissemination products and services in the national and international markets

 Swiss Standard Guarantee of Authenticity

 Certified quality products and services

 Opening new markets for products and services

> Real-time international information exchange ecosystem

> International advertising of your company

> Increased confidence and customer satisfaction


Business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions within the KraftBioChain platform

KBC utility Tokens to access exclusive promotional offers

Lower cost in the Authenticity Assurance certification process

The initial investment returned in KBC utility Tokens

KBC utility Tokens free at every consensus online

GAS generation to move smart contracts

Shared economics in the validation of organic quality by consensus

> Increased market share and profitability

Accessibility to the platform by a fair value

Improve positioning and highlight the differentials of your products

Greater value added to products and services by consensus

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