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Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

He founded the KRAFT BIO Company in 2015, was director of AGROFINTECH between 2017/2020, CEO of the KRAFTBIOCHAIN since 2018 and CEO of XPAY DIGITAL since 2019. Mr. Kraft is a business administrator and management consultant in Switzerland, Italy and Brazil. He participated in several courses in the administrative and financial areas that gave them the knowledge of the Swiss laws, FINMA and FINTECH process management.

Mr. Kraft is a specialist in practical applications of Blockchain technology in SUPPLY CHAIN.

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Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer (COO)

She founded AMAZONE NATURAL Company in 2014. Dr. Castro develops projects in the areas of product innovation and branding, new B2B business, retail marketing and digital marketing. It also operates in the international market of natural foods. Dr. Castro works as responsible for the analysis of normative legislation, research and identification of supplier’s sources.

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Co-founder & Chief Product Officer (CPO)

He has been Co-founder of OVINI SYSTEMS LTDA ME since 2011. Mr. Pereira has 18 years of experience in analysing and developing ERP systems. He has done several courses in the area of ​​process management in software development, information architecture, and information technology. Mr. Pereira also held courses, administration, and KBC Blockchain Platforms.

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Chief Blockchain Technology Officer (CBTO)

He is graduated in Information Systems, having official Microsoft certification in web development, Microsoft® Certified Technology Specialist: .Net Framework 2.0, Web Applications - MCPID: 7193370. Blockchain Architect in training with more than 10 years of experience in the area of software development, having worked in several areas of public management, developing and / or helping to develop management solutions using the .NET and / or Java platform. Mr. Castrillon is responsible for the KBC Blockchain Platforms.

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Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Technology Researcher at SENAI Institute of Innovation (ISI) of Manaus focusing on Microelectronics. Doctoral student at the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM) with development of a biosensor applied to detect tropical disease. Assistant Professor in Application Web at the United Metropolitan Colleges (FMU) during the first half of 2015.

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Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

She is studying Economics with a specialization in business administration at University of Italian Switzerland

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Co-founder & Chief Business Officer (CBO)

Founder and Principal at Ricardo Pastore Consulting. Executive career: GPA (PCAR4), Makro Brazil (SHV GROUP), Saraiva Megastore (SLED4). Positions already held: General Director, Operations Director, Commercial Director and Sales Manager. Mr. Pastore is PhD and Master in Retail Strategy and Management. Founder, Academic Coordinator and Professor of the Retail Lab Center of ESPM. Consultant, Speaker and Board Member.

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Co-founder & Chief Design Officer (CDO)

He is a graphic designer and technician in management processes. Mr. Bozza has been working in the area for 10 years, implementing marketing strategies linked to the development of printed and digital materials. Mr. Bozza is the creator of the blog: Design in Advocacy.

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Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO)

He has been founder of ABI Solutions in 2017, a company that works with artificial intelligence and Swiss document management in accounting. Mr. Kheylik is a master in mathematics, physics and computer science. He works as responsible and in the development of KBC AI.

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Blockchain Analyst

He is responsible for researching, creating and implementing hardware and software solutions with a focus on Blockchain, IoT and Machine Learning. Mr. Oyama suggests new technologies based on computer vision KBC.

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Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

He has transversal and systemic tasks in the organization; combines leadership in corporate strategy and operational sales management. Mr. Mendes also works on the development of the KBC ecosystem in Europe.

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Chief Agribusiness Officer (CAO)

He has...


We are people who believe in change, in a better and healthier world.

We use Blockchain technology to facilitate companies to develop new sustainable distribution chains, to expand their customer base and consumers.

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