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Q4 2017

Idea of ​​product authentication through Blockchain technology, preparation of Business Plan and search of the Base Team

Q1 2018

Consultation of Swiss Laws in force, search for the best Blockchain technological base and beginning of the development of the Private KraftBioChain Platform

Q2  2018

Project expansion,  legal counselling and KBC Whitepaper achievement

Q3  2018

Beginning of the private KraftBioChain certification ecosystem, extension of guarantee authenticity for services

Q4  2018

Search and select personnel for the Blockchain Project Six Team, Whitepaper update and website development

Q1  2019

KBC 1.0 platform update, website completion and marketing material preparation

Q2  2019

AMAZONE NATURAL Company, the first KBC customer

Q3  2019

Q4  2019

Q1 2020

Development, conclusion, introduction and commercialization of disruptive technologies for Agribusiness



Swiss Life Quality Project development

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