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Who can participate in the KBC platform

Rural producers, commercial and industrial companies, cooperatives, processing and transformation, industrialization, packaging, distribution, trade, logistics, trade market, consulting, import/export and consumers.


The KBC platform has a structure that adapts to the different conditions and levels of complexity of operations, aims to meet the priorities of each culture, region and value chain.


Login and
accept the contract

Read and agree the terms and conditions of the KRAFT BIO contract.


Send your scanned documents

Attach supporting documents of your company and also with competitive differentials:

Certificates, labels, training courses, evidential reports, associated with other institutions, among others.


Wait for the email with our return, and you're done!

Once we've reviewed your documentation, we'll send you an email with your approval.

What the KBC platform offers

> Authentication of products and services


> Risk management

> Fulfillment of sustainability commitments

> Performance improvement

> Strategic actions in social media to promote and reach new markets


> Mapping and geolocation of supply chains

For more information, please contact our Team by email:

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