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The Swiss company KRAFT BIO, with its headquarters located in Balerna, registry of commerce under the no. CHE-187.708.372 has as its social objective the construction of a transparent, fair and sustainable business.


Blockchain technology is a competitive edge for your business, it brings reliability to ensuring information authenticity through the inclusion of online supporting documentation, quickly, securely and efficiently.

Our ecosystem includes all the companies, integrated in the production chain, processing and logistics of healthy products, with the objective of allying production processes to the KBC platform to facilitate approach and strengthen the relationship between suppliers and customers, promoting access to new markets.

We have developed a technology platform with essential information about products and services authenticated in the Blockchain protocol.

This technology will be launched to the market through strategic virtual actions, aiming to democratize access to high quality products, such as organic products, valuing sustainability, social and environmental responsibility.

The importance of the digital environment in the development of your business

The KBC platform brings significant confidence in how to ensure the authenticity of information, in a secure and inexpensive way to reduce the complexity of requirements and documentation.

It attracts small producers of organic production to the digital environment. It promotes direct involvement between producers, customers and consumers, ensuring total transparency in production processes.

The market has changed and the digital movement is very strong, customers and consumers are searching online for prices, products and services, your company needs to be present in the digital environment to keep up with the changes taking place in the market.

Our great challenge is to embed the routine of companies in the corporate world online, making the KBC platform a commercial accelerator for entrepreneurs seeking a facilitator.


Optimizes the approach of each business ecosystem that compose it, so that companies evolve as they migrate to the digital environment, discovering a new way to maintain direct contact with customers, consumers and reinvent their company with an important attitude of value before a big market.

Our corporate personality


Ensure transparency throughout the chain of cultivation, production, logistics, trade in natural and organic products in the world. Promote increased consumer confidence in these products. Assist producers who use special techniques of organic management in the market.


Make the KBC platform a global accelerator, providing business growth through product authentication and access to new markets.


Ensure authenticity of information in a less costly manner. Reduce complexity of requirements and documentation.
Promote direct involvement between producers and consumers.
Attracting small producers of organic to the current digital environment.

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