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These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter "GTC") apply to all services offered by KRAFT BIO on the Kraftbiochain Blockchain platform (hereinafter "KBC"). By using the services of KRAFT BIO, the following terms and conditions are accepted in full, without any modification.


The user of the services acknowledges that the conditions have been translated from the Italian language. In the event of a contrast between the translations and the original text in Italian, the latter shall prevail.




1.1. Object of this GTC is the use of the services offered by KRAFT BIO to its users (hereinafter "the User ") on the KBC platform and the website


1.2. The consent for GCT occurs through the use of related services. For the use of certain KBC services, it is possible for the user to give his/her consent again by activating another special window within the website


1.3. The GCT is valid for the entire duration of the use of the services by the user.




2.1. The company KRAFT BIO develops, introduces and commercializes Blockchain Technologies (DLT), Internet of Things (IoT) and Atificial Intelligence (AI). The KBC platform is used as a strategy for authentication of information, suppliers, brands, products and services.


2.2. At the KBC platform and site, KRAFT BIO provides paid services. The services available are:


2.2.1. Monthly subscription, which includes assurance of authenticity of products and services, use of the blockchain platform, digital wallet, custom QR code and space for on our website


2.2.2. Ancillary services, which includes assistance, consulting, document management, video, design and marketing..


2.3. The monthly subscription service provided by KRAFT BIO will have a minimum duration of 12 months. KRAFT BIO reserves the right to change the offer of services at any time, with a notice of 90 days.



3.1. For the use of the KBC platform and the website will be required to enroll and contract services for 12 months, charged in 12 monthly installments on the credit card or invoice of the KRAFT BIO Company.


3.2. Registration is done by completing the online form at website. The user is obliged to provide all the data in a complete and correct manner. After registration, the user will receive a confirmation email.


3.3. The user is solely responsible for the truthfulness and completeness of all information provided to KRAFT BIO and must keep its registration data up to date. KRAFT BIO will not be liable in any way for any damage or loss resulting from incorrect or adulterated information by the user.




4.1.    For the KRAFT BIO Services, the conditions and price list are published on the website Payments to the company must be paid in Swiss francs. The VAT of 7.7% is not included in the price indicated.


4.2.    For the non-resident user in Switzerland the final prices are exempt from VAT.




5.1. The user corresponds to the monthly fees of the services purchased. The payment obligation begins with the activation of the service by KRAFT BIO. Any delays caused by the user do not express the payment obligation. 




6.1. If the user has not paid the invoice on the expiration date or within a prescribed payment term, KRAFT BIO, after a reminder sent via email communicating the payment in arrears, if there is no counterpart, will have the service interrupted, i.e. blocked Temporarily the user's KBC services, and other measures to prevent damage and/or terminate the contract without notice or compensation. In case of temporary blocking of the user's KBC services, KRAFT BIO for reactivation requires a rate of CHF 15.00. During the temporary lockout, the monthly fee continues to be charged to the user.



7.1. KRAFT BIO will place on the platform and on the KBC website, all data and documents in the integrity and accuracy of the content provided by the user. It is noteworthy that the user is responsible for the truthfulness of all documentation and contents of your company.


7.2. KRAFT BIO reserves the right to exclude, at its discretion, any comments that are offensive, racist, harmful to the company, defamatory or similarly unacceptable and block the access of the site to this user.


7.3. By submitting the content, the user grants to KRAFT BIO the right of free, non-exclusive, unlimited use over time of the aforementioned content. KRAFT BIO may publish the content in its entirety or in a reduced and modified manner, singly or in combination with other content. You acknowledge that you are authorized to use copyright, patents, trademarks and drawings before submitting the content, and that KRAFT BIO will not prejudice the rights of third parties with the use of the content in accordance with the contractual rules.




8.1. KRAFT BIO provides its services within the scope of its corporate objectives and predictable requirements in a precise and professional manner, to the extent that it is written above the company is not precluded for reasons of force majeure.


8.2. KRAFT BIO is just responsible for its services. KRAFT BIO expressly excludes any liability related to third party offerings, such as products and services for informational purposes on the website


8.3. KRAFT BIO is not responsible for consequential damages, loss of production, loss of profits and loss of data. The provisions of mandatory responsibility by law are reserved.


8.4. KRAFT BIO declines any responsibility for errors and flaws in the software used by the user and cannot guarantee that the services will work seamlessly on all user terminals.


8.5. KRAFT BIO does not support the costs incurred by the user, or by third parties appointed by the user with respect to the limitation and/or resolution of any failures in a service. The customer shall bear the costs of the KRAFT BIO services related to the limitation and/or resolution of any failure of a service, even if the customer has requested a verification and the cause of the failure is due to the behaviour of the customer or his equipment used.



9.1. The user guarantees the legitimacy, correctness and integrity of the content published by him at website


9.2  The user undertakes to exonerate and exempt KRAFT BIO from any claims and requests from third parties related to the contents published by him, provided that KRAFT BIO informs the user of the submission of orders within 21 days. Compensable damages also include the proper legal defense costs of KRAFT BIO.




10.1. In case of concrete evidence or suspicion of unlawful behaviour, violation of the rules of conduct or other abuse of the user's Web pages, KRAFT BIO reserves the right to adopt the measures and sanctions it deems appropriate. If within the time limit set by KRAFT BIO, the user does not satisfy the request to restore the state of legality or to adopt legal behaviour, Kraft bio may, at its discretion and without prior notice, suspend the services, deactivate or block access to the website, rescind the contract without prior notice or indemnity, take other measures and/or request compensation for damages.


10.2. In the event of imminent danger, KRAFT BIO may take appropriate measures without prior notice. In the case of criminal proceedings, KRAFT BIO is authorized to communicate the conduct and identity of the user to the criminal authority and/or the coordination service for the fight against crime on the Internet (CSFACI).




11.1. The monthly subscription service of the KBC platform may be cancelled by any of the parties, in writing, requested 30 days in advance, with the payment of a fine of 45% of the amount of the remaining parcels..




12.1. KRAFT BIO is responsible for the protection and security of data within its scope of action. All confidential data is treated with caution. KRAFT BIO will take appropriate organizational and technical measures to protect against the illicit processing of data, which are used for the sole purpose of creating and optimizing services for the user. This also includes the use of data for advertising purposes regarding the services and products of KRAFT BIO and its partners, unless the user has refused or given their consent.

12.2. KRAFT BIO is based on the justification of the execution of the contract, in the detection and processing of personal data. Regarding marketing measures, the processing of personal data is based on the protection of the legitimate interests of KRAFT BIO. However, for the submission of the newsletter occurs the user registration.


12.3. KRAFT BIO transfers the data solely for the purposes of subscriber management and liquidation of payments to external service providers in Switzerland, ensuring the protection of the data in question. KRAFT BIO does not disclose the data to third parties but retains it only to the extent and extent required by law, except for administrative or judicial provisions.


12.4. KRAFT BIO uses so-called cookies to simplify the use of your services and obtain information to improve them. Cookies are small files that are saved by the web browser in a specific folder within the user's system. Both permanent cookies and temporary cookies are used. Permanent cookies allow, for example, the automatic login of registered users, if this is expressly requested by the user at the time of registration. Temporary cookies Save, for example, the products, services and profiles of the companies selected by the user in order to facilitate the subsequent retrieval of this information. Thanks to the use of cookies, KRAFT BIO also detects data related to the use of the website


12.5. In addition, KRAFT BIO uses Google Analytics, a Web analytics service provided by Google Inc. ( "Google "). Google Analytics also uses cookies to provide your WEB analytics services. Information generated during use of the site (including your IP address) will be transmitted and stored on a Google server, which is probably located outside of Switzerland or the European Union(EU). Google uses this information to evaluate site usage, to compile reports on site activity for website operators, and to provide additional services related to the use of the site and the Internet. By using the KBC platform, you agree to the processing of your data collected by Google in the manner described above and for the purposes previously indicated. For more information about Google Analytics, visit the following Microsoft website:


12.6. Depending on the configuration of your browser, users have the possibility to completely prevent the acceptance of cookies or to display a message every time one of them appears, so you can decide whether to accept it or not.


12.7. Users have the right, at any time, to request information about the personal data stored or to request its correction. The legal custody obligations of KRAFT BIO are reserved. Your request must be sent by mail or email to the following address with a valid copy of document: KRAFT BIO, Via San Gottardo 108, CH-6828 Balerna, Switzerland or the



13.1. KRAFT BIO owns the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of Kraftbiochain's content and applications. For the copying and distribution of any part of the content and applications, the prior written consent of KRAFT BIO is required.




14.1. If a single provision or provisions other than this GCT are/are or become NULL/Invalid or not applicable, this shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of this TCG. The provision which is void or not valid shall be replaced by another similar provision respecting the commercial purpose of the annulled.


14.2. KRAFT BIO reserves the right to modify this GCT at any time. Any changes will be communicated at website and shall enter into force when published online.


14.3. Any dispute relating to this GCT or related to the contract between KRAFT BIO and the user shall be settled by Swiss law. The only competent court is the common courts at the headquarters of KRAFT BIO. Alternatively, KRAFT BIO may cite the user at the place of residence of the latter.




Balerna, Switzerland, February 2019.

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